Australian Army Virtual Intranet

Welcome to AAV Intranet

What's happening here

Australian Army Virtual is undergoing a modernisation. As part of this process we felt it was important that we gave our members a purpose built website to handle the end user functions needed. While the majority of the functions of our previous websites were mixed in with our public website, it was becoming increasingly difficult to have a eye catching dynamic publis site and a practical user side. We now have the following sites:

What functions have already been fully implemented

The following functions have already been implemented in this site and are ready for our members to use:

  • Home page shows the newsfeed.
  • Home page shows the users newest assigned tasks and can be reported on from the home page using the button provided.
  • Home page shows your recent flights including the number of hours. If you find a problem from this list you should make a post on the forums.
  • Home page shows users currently online using an Army Callsign
  • Training Progress page shows the progress of trainees undertaking BHC, which is displayed using a progress bar.
  • Trainee Flight Report allows trainees to submit a restricted flight report specifically for the training flights.
  • Link to the AAVNTC Moodle site where training course material will be loaded.
  • Recent Flights page showing the last 30 flights conducted by all members.
  • Unit pages for 1, 5 & 6 Avn Regt's, and AAVNTC.
    • Each unit page contains a list of aircraft and their statuses. This includes to total number of airframe hours, current location and a link to submit a pilot report for this aircraft.
    • The operational units under 16 Avn Bde also contain a full list of all non-completed flights for each regiment. Users are able to accept tasks then cancel their task. Once they have accepted a task, the callsign box will be populated with their individually assigned callsign.
    • Unit managers are able to use a URL on the aircraft serial to create tasks for this specific callsign. If multiple tasks are created for this aircraft, the task will start from the last location the aircraft will be able in the order of tasks.
  • Flight report page to make a manual report without pre-populated fields.
  • Documents and Downloads contain policy, instructions, scenery etc.
  • Manage PIREPs by being able to delete incorrect PIREPs from the system.
  • Manage Members by being able to add or remove someone from this site. Members who are removed will have all permissions revoked the next time they attempt to connect to the website.

If you currently don't have access to this site and you are a member, please email to request your password.